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How can OptiMum

help me?



Got a question?...


Ask a question


" I have a question "

" I want to chat "

" Can you chat "


Do you have a question about your Relationships/ Workplace/ Feelings/ Career/ Lifestyle choices?


Ask a question and OptiMum will send it through to one of our experts who will send you a personalised response.

Chat to an expert


" I have a question "

" I want to chat "

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Do you feel like you need a real chat? Why not book a 15-30 minute video consultation with one of our experts and get immediate support.


Where our experts can help:

Relationships |  Work & Workplace | Feelings 

Parenting  |  Maternity Support  | Lifestyle choices 

Weekly What to Expect


" Baby facts"

" Give me a fact"

" What to expect "


Want a few useful facts for what to expect this week? Opti-Mum will automatically find you key facts relevant for your week of pregnancy.



Focus on YOU...Mind & Body 


Lifestyle Tracking


" I slept ... "

" I feel ..."

" I exercised for ..."


Keep a track of your sleep, exercise & mood daily and OptiMum can show you each week how healthy you have been. 


Receive a weekly weather report on your tracking behaviour. Find out your likely energy levels and productivity for the upcoming week, as well as how to further optimise your behaviours specifically for your pregnancy. 


My journal 


" My journal"

" Track my day

" My diary "

" Show me my diary entry from ..." 


Your antenatal journey is one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Record those daily special moments and recall them on a rainy day.


Even track your baby bump "bumpie" and keep a record of how things change week by week. 


Did you know that journalling can be a great way to fully explore your emotions, release tension, and fully integrate your experiences into your mind? Use our journal to release your stresses and worries with no judgement.


10 minute time-outs


" Give me 10" 

" De-stress me "

" Make me feel better " 


Want a way to instantly feel calmer/ relaxed/ sleep better? Try our  evidence-based10-minute time-out videos to get you sleeping better and coping better with the day to day journey.